22-Sep-2009 novatest01 log

<font color="red">NOTE on 12-May-2010: I am fairly confident that this build would not work on the DCM. When I tried to reproduced thse instructions with nova_crosscompiler v4_1_2-2_3_6, it seemed like compiler tools in /usr/bin were being used insteach of cross-compiler tools, and that problem probable affected this earlier compilation. I've undeclared this version from UPS and UPD. --KAB</font>

22-Sep-2009, KAB (this work continued on 23-Sep...)

Here are the steps that I used to build and package EPICS for LinuxPPC:

  • downloaded baseR3.14.10.tar.gz from
  • (If I set up UPD before logging into the products account, I use 'setup -j upd' to avoid getting an old version of Perl.)
  • logged into the products account on (logged in as myself, then ksu-ed to root, and su-ed to products)
  • 'cd /fnal/ups/prd/epics'
  • 'mkdir v3_14_10_nova1' (if needed)
  • 'cd v3_14_10_nova1'
  • 'tar --gunzip -xvf <download_directory>/baseR3.14.10.tar.gz'
  • 'mv base-3.14.10 LinuxPPC'
  • 'cd LinuxPPC'
  • 'cp <RMSDEMO_EPM_DIR>/epics_base_3.14.10.patch .' (The patch file is available from the "epm" package inside the RMS demo. So, you can check the demo out of CVS and copy the file from the rmsDemo/epm subdirectory.)
  • 'patch -p1 <epics_base_3.14.10.patch'
  • 'export EPICS_BASE=`pwd`'
  • 'export EPICS_HOST_ARCH=linux-ppc'
  • edited configure/CONFIG_SITE to set the CROSS_COMPILER_TARGET_ARCHS parameter to "linux-ppc"
  • 'setup nova_crosscompiler v4_1_0-2_3_6 -q powerpc-603'
  • 'make'
  • 'mkdir ups'
  • 'cd ups/'
  • 'cp ../../Linux64bit+2.6-2.5/ups/epics.table .'
  • verified that epics.table looked reasonable
  • 'ups declare -c -f LinuxPPC -r /fnal/ups/prd/epics/v3_14_10_nova1/LinuxPPC -m epics.table epics v3_14_10_nova1'

I have not yet declared this version of EPICS to UPD. I would like to test it on real DCM hardware to verify that it works first.