22-Dec-2009 novatest01 log

22-Dec-2009, KAB

Here are the steps that I used to package the State Machine Compiler package version 6.0.1 for UPS/UPD on novatest01:

  • Downloaded smc_6_0_1.tgz from
  • switched to the products account
  • 'cd /fnal/ups/prd/smc'
  • 'mkdir v6_0_1'
  • 'cd v6_0_1'
  • 'tar --gunzip -xvf <downloadDir>/smc_6_0_1.tgz'
  • 'mv smc_6_0_1 NULL'
  • 'cd NULL'
  • 'mkdir ups'
  • 'cd ups'
  • copied the smc.table file from the v5_0_0 UPS version
  • verified that the smc.table file is still valid for the newer SMC version
  • 'ups declare -f NULL -r /fnal/ups/prd/smc/v6_0_1/NULL -m smc.table smc v6_0_1'
  • updated the entries in novacvs:Online/pkgs/setup/ups_products-Online_development-Offline_S09.09.19 and ups_products-development to use the newer version of SMC