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Topic Sub-topic Task Description Work Days (total Effort) Who Combined FTE Rate Duration Status
Buffer Node
Eliminate Spurious Errors at End-of-Run Get rid of suprious "megapool timeout" errors that would appear at normal run end. Ron Done?
And performance metrics (Ganglia) Someone other than Ron, with consultation from Ron. Alec, if it can wait until may
Update configuration handling Get full list of all Buffer Nodes in the run. For error detection and error recovery (?). Someone other than Ron, with consultation from Ron. Alec, if it can wait until may
Basic DCM/FEB checkout Software and Procedure Done, in regular use at Ash River
Checkout GUI
Software Allow non-expert users to set test configuration, run tests, and capture test output in a single GUI. Abby, Denis Abby testing on NDOS. FEB test worked. APD, not.
Procedure Document use of above software. Abby, Denis
TECC checkout
Test TECC cooling. Leon doesn't want this done out of context of DAQ/DCS system, which would risk defeating software inhibits. Abby will remove button…
Configuration Management
Non-regeneration of already-valid configurations Don't regenerate new config when nothing has changed Kurt
Improve performance for FarDet scale Parallelize, etc., where necessary Kurt, Jon (?)
Switch to optimized version Kurt
Get remaining configurations into DB Kurt
Add map of TDU-to-DCM Timing Port to DB.
Detector Controls
Add needed GUI functionality Add flattening button. Add DCM & FEB mask & threshold import button. Expert mode? Someone other than Kurt, with Kurt.
Allow editing of other tables GUI? Standard set of command lines? Someone other than Kurt, with consultation from Kurt.
Configuration names for different partitions. Mostly defining conventions, with perhaps some modifications to scripts for storing/retrieving Masks & Thresholds
Control Room
Redefine VNC sessions Optimize for non-interference by users of different partitions. Peter, et al.
Remote Control Room
Utility to manage ssh tunnels for Remote control rooms Start/stop/return port values Matthew Tamsett In progress
Data Formats
Versioning Implement multi-hit nanoslice version. Denis, et al.
Data Logger
Configurations Use correct configurations Louise In progress
Data-driven triggers
Write requirements Supported number of triggers, throughput, latentcy Andrew
Write specifications For controls, configuration, integration to Application Management, Resource Management, Run Control, Global Trigger Andrew, Alec
Populate "hardware_position" table in HW DB Link APD/FEB SNs to position on detector. Mat Completed for NDOS
Populate "hardware_position" table in HW DB Link APD/FEB SNs to position on detector. ? Needs to be done for FarDet
Setup FarDet Server Jon Done
Database utilities
SQL Queries
Determine if hardware has changed since previous "prepare configuration" (or since last end-of-run?) Jon
If above is true, calculate HV exceptions to write to DB, for use at next Prepare Config. Jon, Kurt (?)
Develop Graphical View of Schemas E.g., DbVisualizer going through odbc? Jon (?)
CPU Performance
Upgrade User CPU Performance Sue Any remaining work TDB?
RC Interface
Use RC Error Status Return Codes Sue Mostly done (6/7/12)
FEB Status Readback
Resolve conflict between FEB status readback and timing commands.
Keeping Status line open with data disabled
1st NDOS test DONE
Use Kurt's NDOS version routinely DONE
Write config handling utility 5.5 Low priority
Write multicast config files for FarDet Following NDOS pattern, expand for FarDet
Performance Tests
Send/receive limit for FarDet-sized system There is a test described in Docdb-1210-v4 (requirements), item P10, but this may not accurately reflect actual use of system. Need to define and conduct relevant test
Deployment/Cluster Management
Disk Scheme Define disk mounting scheme 4
Check backup sanity
Documentation Write User's Manual
DCMApp Sue
Buffer Node EVB Ron
Global Trigger/Spill Server Alec/Holger
DataDrivenTrigger Andrew
DataLogger ?
RMS Kurt, Gennadiy
MessageFacility Qiming Mostly done. Peter has been putting into Word doc.
EventDisplay Mark Messier
OnMon Mark Messier
NovaDAQMon Sue
AppMgs/DAQOpsTools Kurt
DAQDataFormat Denis, Andrew
TDUControl Andrew
Run Control Jon
Resource Manager Jon
Configuration Manager Kurt
System Configuration Andrew, Denis
Error Handling
Automatic Error Recovery
Finish Design Including requirements, use cases. Template case: synch recovery Abby, Jon, et al.
Create Executive functionality Qiming DONE
Work out Buffer Node and DCM recovery
Audio Alarms
Decide HW and OS config changes needed
Status page
Set up utility to publish status and alarms to a web page Abby?
Message Facility Configurations
Change all apps to use configs Developers Need census
Provide sensible configs Abby has done for GT
Use app for Error Handler ?
Graceful Error Response Correct response to errors from each of the systems
DCM Sue et al.
Run Control Jon et al.
Buffer Node Ron et al.
Fix hourly crash DONE
FarDet Commissioning
Activate private-side addresses Andrew DONE
Debug remote socket connections Andrew, Jon ACL issue. Andrew has tunnel-based solution. Jon implementing for RC. Tested?
Event Dispatcher
Debug Hasn't worked yet Peter, Denis, Andrew DONE
Test DDS performance at FarDet
File Transfer System
DAQ Monitor Server
Complete NDM server for monitoring/alarming on Ganglia
Upgrades Mark et group, Mousumi
Resource Management
Single Resource Manager for entire system Jon
Application Management
Change AppMgr/RC so AppMgr recives all its data from RC, and most of its actions. Jon, Kurt
Review Code, Docs, Tests Peter, all
Run Control
Speed up PedestalDataRunner
Integrate Pedestal Datataking
Move RC to use broadcast for all DCMs and BNs
Trigger Book-keeping
Get Number of Triggers from GlobalTrigger Jon, Alec
Get Number of Triggers from DataLogger Jon, Denis
Software Infrastructure
Upgrades Upgrade GCC Compiler?
Check release for un-made code
System Integration
System Management
Get host list from file, not rgang commands Kurt DONE
Application Management
Combine RM and AppMan data into databse, use in building connection config. Kurt, Jon DONE
Clean obsolete scripts, etc. Kurt DONE
Imrove kerberos handling Kurt DONE
Provide error text in popups Kurt
Add hierarchy for FarDet
Resource Management
Detach RM Server from RM GUI Jon DONE
System Tests
Error Response
System state tests Test that all allowed transitions are followed by apps, all dis-allowed ones cause apps to report error. Jon, all
Test 2 partitions
Test 4 partitions
Break up server/client Allow multiple clients to talk to 1 mTDU, without interference Evan, Andrew
Version Control
(DAQDataFormats) See entry under DAQDataFormats (Denis)
Application Versions
Have each application know its own version Andrew, all.
Report said version via RMS Kurt, Andrew, Jon
Add said version to config block. Jon, Data Logger Expert
Remote Deletion Demonstration Safe Remote File Deletion on FarDet cluster 0.5 Robert, Andrew Demonstrated, but not on FarDet?
Document demonstration of safe, remote file deletion on FarDet cluster 0.25 Robert, Andrew