Creating a new Base Release

Defining a new Base Release

The motivation for the creation of a new base release should be well defined at the start of the process. This need for the new release is typically decided within the DAQ group, often when the current test release has more than a handful of packages. Whether to increment the major or intermediate version number should be discussed and decided in consideration of the NOvA DAQ Software Release Management Scheme, docbd-8401.

The desired versions of each package should be tagged with the name of the new base release. In practice, this usually means
  • Tagging all packages in the current test release, followed by
  • Tagging all packages in the current base release. Since CVS will not (by default) move a tag, so the versions of packages in the test release will keep the new tag.
  • Tag, but only after appropriate testing, any other package versions desired by developers in consultation with the DAQ group head. Note, you will likely need the -F cvs tag option on this step to force the tag to move.