June 28, 2010

Changes made to accommodate new release management scheme:

-D option

-D now matches cvs co -D option for specifying a revision by the cvs date specifier. E.g., cvs co -D "2010-03-24 18:34:00 GMT" Package. Examples:

addpkg -h APackage // get the head version
addpkg APackage V00_01 // get tagged version V00_01
addpkg -D APackage 2010-03-24 18:35:00 GMT // get the last version checked in prior to the date given.

This required some gymnastics to handle spaces in the date specifier.

-M option

-M can be used to have the directory name different from the module name. (This is what -D did before today's changes.):

addpkg -M target_name module name

Pre-June 28, 1010

Bug fix

This is necessitated by the Alternate Directory Name change described below. The bug, which likely had never been triggered in all SRT use to date, involved a "Dirac Mass Term" of arguments, mixing Left handed and Right handed arguments:

Incorrect Version: cvs_rhs_extra_args="$cvs_lhs_extra_args -P"

Alternate Directory Name

Added support for a target directory name other than the CVS module name, a la "cvs co -d target_name module_name".

For addpkg, the syntax is

addpkg -D target_name module name

This is useful, for example, when we want to check out onlsetup but call it setup with

addpkg -D setup onlsetup

Note: it's possible that the checking of numbers of arguments passed to addpkg is not rigorous in all cases.


This version reports to stdout that it is special.