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h1. Wiki
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Click the Overview tab at the upper-left to see the sub-projects for NOvA DAQ General
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h2. DAQ documentation guidance
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There are instructions related with DAQ system in the following places at the moment:
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# Wiki pages in redmine NOvA DAQ project and sub-projects.
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# "NOvA docDB":
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# "Shifter information webpage":
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Many of these documents may be outdated. We will in the process of updating these documents. In the mean time, we will make flowcharts and interactive webpages for some commonly repeated procedures of DAQ subsystem recovery. 
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h3. Flowcharts
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It is suggested to use "Gliffy Diagrams Chrome add-on": to draw flowcharts. Using other versions of Gliffy requires registration and subscription. The free plan has limitations on some features. The application is easy to use. One can starting drawing flowcharts in less than two minutes. You can also refer to docDB and use some existing flowcharts as a template.
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h3. Twine
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"Twine": is the suggested software for making the interactive webpage. The interactive webpages are supposed to be an aid for shifters and experts to follow the flowcharts. It is recommended to have flowcharts available before working on the webpages.
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Twine is also easy to use. One should pay attention that the choices on each page should be as specific as possible (e.g. a Yes, it is as something. or No, it is not as something.) There are examples available in docDB which could serve as a template if necessary.