Notes on running dcmapplication on the dcm in pattern generation mode


  • Using:
    • Firmware: /home/kwar/dcm/DCMFPGAFullChannel081010.rbf (also /home/qlu/dcm-modules/DCMFPGAFullChannel081010.rbf)
    • kernel device driver module: /home/qlu/dcm-modules/dcm_kernel.ko
    • nova daq software dated after 8/19/2010
    • dcm with an updated oscillator (dcm-09,11,13,(also 01,03,04,05?))
    generation of pattern data works.
    • Procedure to run in an isolated environment:
    • ssh dcm-09 -l dcm
    • source /nova/novadaq/setup/ --xcompile --opt
    • (load kernel module once):
    • su root
    • source /nova/novadaq/setup/ --xcompile --opt
    • source $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT/DCMApplication/cxx/test/dcm_kernel_load
      (this loads qlu kernel module which starts 3 device drivers: /dev/dcm_control, /dev/dcm_data, /dev/dcm_status under user "dcm", group "nova") *** exit
    • (start ospl once):
    • export OSPL_URI=file:///home/kasahara/testconfig/integration/dcm-standard/dds/ospl.xml
    • ospl start
    • dcmapplication -c DcmSimFPGAConfiguration.xml -a dcm009
  • This ran for as long as I allowed it to (~ 2 hours) yesterday.
    • Some problems still with timing jitter and occasional high time word flaw (can cope). ** No problem with data keep-up. ** Timestamps are current time.
  • To run in
    • Need to be able to pass hardware configuration contained in DcmSimFPGAConfiguration.xml to dcm.
    • Kurt's script NovaRunControl/cmd/SimMode0-real-pattern.cmd does this by copying the DCMApplication/conf/DcmSimFPGAConfiguration to the testinstance/conf/dcm001HardwareConfig.xml directory.
    • Also need to be able to pass an identical current time MilliSliceT0 to all DCM's as part of the DCMApplication run configuration.