Notes on running dcmapplication on dcm-01

  • On novatest01, a dcmapplication binary needs to be cross-compiled
    (this is currently not part of the base release build):
    • Create a test release, add the following packages, and cross-compile:
      setup_novadaq --xcompile
      newrel -t development testdev
      cd testdev
      srt_setup -a --xcompile
      addpkg -h RunControlClient
      addpkg -h DCMApplication
      addpkg -h DAQDataFormats
      addpkg -h EventBuilderClient
      gmake all
    • The "gmake all" command will result in the creation of a cross-compiled
      dcmapplication binary in the testdev/bin/LinuxPPC directory.
  • Log on to dcm-01:
    • ssh dcm-01 -l dcm
  • On dcm-01:
    • source /nova/novadaq/setup/ --xcompile
    • cd (location of testdev)
    • srt_setup -a --xcompile
    • dcmapplication -c DcmSimConfiguration.xml
      (This last step will run the dcmapplication)
  • To adjust the host/port of the evb server, edit DcmSimConfiguration.xml
  • DcmSimConfiguration.xml is currently configured to have the dcmapplication print a message every 100th millislice sent. To disable this, remove the
      <DebugPrintSEQ> 100 </DebugPrintSEQ> 
    line or adjust it to the print frequency desired.