Notes on DCM NanoSlice Input Data Simulation

  • Denis has simulated raw muon data to the nanoslice level using his MockDataDAQ package and written this data as an ascii file. From Denis:
       Just an update. I realized that I was writing the NanoSlices from all FEBs into 
       the file. I fixed this and now write them into separate files for each DCM.
       In the directory
       you can find the events for each DCM. One can see that most nanoslices go into 
       DCM number 0 and 1 (all the muon events generated start at X=Y=0 and Z=2m with an 
       arbitrary direction)

       I now can produce a file with simulated data with RawNanoslices, which can
       be read by a DCM. As I understood you are working on the DCM application
       code. So, I can give you the input file.
       on novatest01 you can find a file
       These are 1000 MC-generated muon events, separated by 100000000 clock ticks
       (1.625 sec between events) .
       The file format is like this:
       <First event global time in clock ticks>   (some arbitrary initial number
       for now)
       <number of NanoSlices>
       <Second event global time in clock ticks>
       The DCM application code needs to be modified for this "simulation reading" 
       mode. When you put a TimeStamp for the Microslice, put the "Event global
       time in clock ticks" for the event, straight as you read from the file.
  • Copy the 12 DCM data files to:

The format of the files is:
%llu - global event time (8 bytes)
%d - number of nano slices in this event (4 bytes)
%u %u %u - nanoslice (12 bytes)