Notes on DCM MicroSlice Input Data Simulation

  • Notes from Denis on DCM MicroSlice Input Simulation:

    "I finally had a chance to correct the MicroSlices mock data simulation. I've put the files here:

    As we discussed, only non-empty microslices are recorded. Also, the Nanoslices in eacn MicroSlice are ordered by FEB number first and 
    then time-ordered for the same FEB as described in the MicroSlice Atom format.
    Please, take a look when you have a chance. There is a file in DAQDataFormats (DAQDataFormats/cxx/test/ that shows 
    how to read these files."
  • /home/denis/NoVA_DAQ/Online_my/Output_microslices/ contains:
    of total file size 408kB.
  • DAQDataFormats/cxx/test/ opens the first file in the input file directory and
    reads and prints the first two RawMicroSlices from the file. The file is of binary format.