Notes from Kurt on using srtups on dcm-01

Hi all,
Recent problems with creating statically-linked binaries for the DCM made us rethink that choice as our default. Of course, creating dynamically linked binaries means that we need to make the necessary dynamic libraries available to applications on the DCM.

Ron has made the necessary UPS products available under /nova/ups, and made a few minor changes to and, to support the use of UPS on the DCM and make the necessary dynamic libraries available with UPS.

This morning, I tested and installed the modified setup_novadaq* scripts from Ron, and I believe that they work as intended.

On dcm-01, you can run one of the following commands to setup an environment from which you can run dynamically-linked binaries:

  • source /nova/novadaq/setup/ -r current --xcompile * source /nova/novadaq/setup/ -r development --xcompile * source /nova/novadaq/setup/ --xcompile # defaults to development

A couple of notes:

  • please ignore, for now, any errors that you see about setting up doxygen or cstXSD when running the above commands on a DCM * dcm-02 and dcm-03 are currently unreachable, and dcm-04 doesn't have /nova mounted, so that is why I only mentioned dcm-01 above

To test whether this setup actually works on the DCM, I modified the GNUmakefiles in Sue's ExternalPackageTest package so that they create dynamically-linked binaries for PPC and re-built my copy of the ExternalPackageTest package for PPC. I then successfully ran a couple of binaries from that package on the DCM, so I believe that things are working as intended.

Kurt (for Ron, Andrew, Sue, and everyone else who helped get this working)