Notes from Kurt on running a Hello World application on dcm-03

Feb 26, 2010

Just a quick note that I was able to run a HelloWorld app on dcm-03 this


Here are the steps that I used:

  • cvs updated DAQDataFormat and DCMApplication in my test release * set up SRT for my test release with the --xcompile flag set * created in
    novatest01:~biery/nova/kabdev/DCMApplication/cxx/test * commented out the "arch_spec_boost" line in
    DCMApplication/cxx/test/GNUmakefile * cd to DCMApplication/cxx/test * ran "gmake tbin" * created directory novatest01:/export/dcm/scratch/biery * copied $SRT_PRIVATE_CONTEXT/bin/LinuxPPC-GCC/HelloDCMTest to
    /export/dcm/scratch/biery * logged into dcm03 using "ssh dcm-03 -l dcm" * on the dcm, ran /usr/scratch/biery/HelloDCMTest