Notes from 82310 Meeting on how to get DSO mode data through the system

Some rough notes from the discussion on how to get to DSO mode. The table is not 100% rational.

Issue sub-Issue Comment Comment App Who
APD None available at TS
FEB Which DCMs? Use noise, function generator (ac?) coupled to input? Andrew
TDU/MTU Synch Needs to be tested. Needs to be taught to listen for requested sync. Regular synchs need to be inhibited Andrew
Channel Mask Need to be able to set register parameter-value pair Will be passed with RMS message SimManager/DCMApp Sue/Denis
DSO Trigger
Library functions DCM_ProgUtils will provide libs for setting registers Qiming
Set Register (need new message type) DCM App will listen to RMS requests. (We'll also ask for stand-alone daemon) SimManager/DCMApp Sue/Denis
Issue Synch A separate message to TDU SimManager Denis
Global Trigger
Config Trigger Needs to be told to listen for SimManger - already exists
Issue Trigger Message requesting trigger at time T SimManager Denis