Instructions for cross-compiling icu4c v44rc1 for PPC using nova crosscompiler v4 1 0-2 3 6

Note: icu4c was re-built with --enable-static to build the static libraries on

ICU - International Components for Unicode
Can be used in place of iconv or gnuiconv as transcoder in xerces package build.
Note, tried to cross-compile icu4c v4_2_1 first, but failed due to unable to recognize
required bit format.

  • First set up the ups products area
    o ksu root
    o su products
    o cd /fnal/ups/prd/icu4c/v4_4_rc1
    o mkdir LinuxPPC-GCC_4_1_0
    o cd LinuxPPC-GCC_4_1_0
    o mkdir ups
    o cd ups
    o (create the icu4c.table)
  • Build a cross-compiled version of icu4c
    o cd /scratch/products/ppcinstall/
    o mkdir icu4c
    o cd icu4c
    o wget
    o tar -zxvf icu4c-4_4_rc1-src.tgz
    o mv icu icu4c-4_4_rc1
    o cd icu4c-4_4_rc1
    o mkdir buildx86
    o cd buildx86
    o sh ../source/runConfigureICU Linux --enable-static
    o gmake >& gmake.log &
    o cd ..
    o mkdir buildppc
    o cd buildppc
    o setup nova_crosscompiler -q powerpc-603
    o sh ../source/configure --prefix=/fnal/ups/prd/icu4c/v4_4_rc1/LinuxPPC-GCC_4_1_0 --host=powerpc-603-linux-gnu CXX=powerpc-603-linux-gnu-g++ CC=powerpc-603-linux-gnu-gcc --with-cross-build=/scratch/products/ppcinstall/icu4c/icu4c-4_4_rc1/buildx86 --enable-static >& configure.log &
    o gmake >& gmake.log &
    o gmake install
  • Declare the product
o cd /fnal/ups/prd/icu4c/v4_4_rc1/LinuxPPC-GCC_4_1_0
o ups declare -c -f LinuxPPC -q GCC_4_1_0 -r /fnal/ups/prd/icu4c/v4_4_rc1/LinuxPPC-GCC_4_1_0 -m icu4c.table icu4c v4_4_rc1