Notes on debugging production configuration DB issues - June 2012

How To update data in the DB - December 2011 (editor GUI)

How To recover from a failed pedestal upload - December 2011

Summary of existing ConfigManagement code and DB tables

Useful Commands and Files for DB Configuration

Example of adding SNEWSPipe configuration for GTRunConfig in DB (Oct 2016)

Notes on debugging GT/DDT config data problems - October 2013

Notes on adding FEB-based dry-air channel numbers for DCS

Older, possibly obsolete notes

How To update data in the DB - September 2011 (editor GUI)

Notes on converting to a single global named configuration - October 2011

Notes on DB read/write coordination - September 2011

How To update data in the DB - June 2011 (command-line applications)

Useful queries - July 2011

Steps for rolling out GT and DL Run CFG DB - June 2011

Ideas on storing temperature setpoints for DCS - June 2011

Notes on adding Sendxyz params to DCMApplicationParameters - June 2011

Notes on DCM Run and Connection configuration - May 2011

Notes on GT and DL Run configuration - May 2011

Notes on adding TimingSystemSettings historyEnable - April 2011

Design notes - March 2011

Work list notes - February 2011

Notes on starting to use the database - January 2011

Detector and Electronics Configuration Notes - November 2010

Instructions for running the Configuration Manager - mainly obsolete

Coming soon: CfgMgr "service" documentation (how the CfgMgr responds to the RMS messages that it supports)

June 2010 Notes on Configuration Needs and Plans

Examples for reading XML data

Scratch area for temporary Wiki notes