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Brian Rebel, 01/23/2011 12:23 PM

Using NOvASoft on the GPVM nodes

Available nodes

The new GPVM nodes are virtual machines that are accessible by the intensity frontier experiments. The list of nodes for NOvA is


These nodes will give us access to the FermiGrid.

If you have just received notification that you have an account on one of these machines, your login shell is likely bash. If you prefer a different login shell you need to submit a ServiceDesk ticket to get it changed.

Setting up NOvASoft

There is a setup script provided to get the environment ready for using NOvASoft on these machines. To use it, one does

$source /grid/fermiapp/nova/novaart/novasoft/releases/development/setup/setup_novasoft_ifcluster.(c)sh

NB currently the .csh setup is not playing nicely with the ups setup, so people have to use bash. This problem will be fixed shortly.

The above command will set your $PATH and $LD_LIBRARY_PATH variables as well as the variables that define the locations of the necessary external packages.

While the public release of the code is located in /grid/fermiapp/nova/novaart/novasoft/releases/development/, the average user should never make any files in that directory. It has limited space and is only for code releases. Instead, use the disk space described in the next section.

Disk Space

The user space for those logging into these nodes is


This is where users should store their test releases as well as any analysis files.

Any data or Monte Carlo files for general consumption by the experiment should be stored in


When operating on the grid, the /data directories cannot have executables run from them, executables can only be run from the /app directories.