Some other possibly useful monitoring links


Test - visualization tool:
tape usage (requires fnal vpn to view offsite)
Shows public dCache and stken enstore usage, by user/group.
Dmitry is actively working on this page, and may add more info.
stken enstore main page. Useful links within:
-- "Quota and Usage" : shows # tapes allocated/used, bytes and file counts
-- "Plots" : in particular there are ones showing tape drive usage
Public dCache main page. Useful links within:
"Detailed System Status" / "Pool Groups" : shows size/usage of pools
BlueArc monitoring page, which includes utilization per volumes
assigned to each group. This page is normally accessible, but at the moment is not.
FermiGrid metrics. The links toward the bottom of the page which show
individually CMS, CDF, D0, GP and also all summed are the most useful.
You can drill into those to see FermiGrid usage by group.
Follow the Experiment Summary links at the bottom. The batch usage
plots may not be easy to interpret - see the other sites above. There are
dCache and BlueArc utilization plots here.
FermiCloud metrics. The "Monitoring" pages within are useful.
Tanya's accounting scoreboard.
Marc's monitoring page
FEF Wiki page. The "Monitoring" section is useful, particularly the
Ganglia plots.