SBL nue + numu joint analysis

NOvA's short-baseline nue appearance plus numu disappearance joint analysis in the Near Detector assuming active to sterile neutrino oscillations.

Original development work by Siva lives in the SBLAna-br
As of February 2019, a new branch exists to bring everything up-to-date with development.
This branch is feature_sblana (a copy of the former at revision 34591

CAFAna/nus/sbl17 is prior location for commits, might consider a new location for 2019.

In order to get a working environment, follow these steps:

setup_nova # or equivalent setup function to setup development
cd <your working area>
newrel -t <base release> <test release name>
cd <test release name> # create a new test release and cd there
srt_setup -a;
addpkg_svn -b CAFAna feature_sblana; # check out CAFAna from the branch;
addpkg_svn -b OscLib feature_sblana;
addpkg_svn -b StandardRecord feature_sblana;
novasoft_build -t;

Any changes you make in the above packages can be committed and they will go directly to the branch version of said package.
At some point soon it may just be as easy to merge into and use development permanently.

Now you can make separate predictions for the nue and numu cases.

cafe -ss -bq CAFAna/nus/sbl17/make_nue_prediction.C test_nue_pred # where test_nue_pred is the name of the output file
cafe -ss -bq CAFAna/nus/sbl17/make_numu_prediction.C test_numu_pred 

Some validation plots can be produced as well as making use of the PredictionInterp::DebugPlots function.
Can produce sensitivity surface using the

script, submitting grid jobs to make surfaces for each bin.

Feb 6th 2019: Commented out all systematics except for the beam systematics because the systematics can't be found.