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Christopher Backhouse, 05/26/2017 04:56 PM
Some basic orientation information about the nue 2017 analysis

Reproducing the nue 2017 Analysis results


Of course the details of all datasets are always available on the official datasets page, but these are the key concat datasets you're most likely to start with:
  • prod_sumdecaf_R17-03-01-prod3reco.d_nd_genie_nonswap_fhc_nova_v08_full_v1_nue2017
  • prod_sumdecaf_R17-03-01-prod3reco.d_nd_numi_fhc_full_v1_goodruns_nue2017

Central weights

All plots should be using these weights, which adjust the flux and cross-sections to our central tunes:

kPPFXFluxCVWgt * kXSecCVWgt2017


As selection cuts are finalized they're added to NueCuts2017.h
The best default for other cuts for now is probably whatever was used in the second analysis