Reproducing the CCPi02017 Analysis

Datasets used

This analysis uses SA production files. The analysis uses a few reco variables that were not calculated in the standard production suite for the prod2 campaign. So, CCPi0-CAFs were made from the parent SA PID files.

There is a single dataset storing the numi data files. The goodruns criteria have been applied. The total exposure is 3.7e20 POT.


The nominal MC used to produce the cross section result are stored in three datasets, differentiated by whether GENIE reweight info is stored in the files. In all there is 3e21 POT in dpershey-20161008-ccpi0-caf-sim-all.


The suite of systematic samples was also reprocessed. These cover scintillator and detector response, studying different Birks-Chou parameters and calibrations. Each dataset has about 2e20 POT, about 55% of the exposure ind data


Setting up the CCPi02017 release

The analysis uses the S17-01-26 tag.

setup_nova -r S17-01-26 -b maxopt

Additionally, with the reco variables included in the CCPi0-CAFs, a non-standard version of StandardRecord and CAFAna are needed to run any analysis macro. For convenience, a suitable release has been tar'd and copied to blue-arc at


To use setup this test release in a working directory, do

cp /nova/ana/users/dpershey/CCPi02017.tar .
tar -xvf CCPi02017.tar
cd CCPi02017
srt_setup -a
export CCPi02017=${PWD}

Reproducing figures from the technote

Running Box-Opening on Bacgkround Region

Though the analysis doesn't determine the final background (or signal) normalization in any bin until looking at the full range of CCPi0ID, the analysis first looked at the data / MC comparisons in the CCPi0ID variable for the background-dominant region (CCPi0ID < 0). To make the box-opening plots in this region (as shown in DocDB 17122), you must run one CAFAna script on the grid to fill Spectrum objects from the CAF files and one grid to make plots using output of the first.

Assuming you have already untar'd and set up a test release for the analysis, go to the Box_Opening directory

cd $CCPi02017/Box_Opening/

First, submit a grid job to fill spectra with the boxopening_bkgd.C script. boxopening_bkgd.C -n 100 -r S17-01-26 -o (whichever directory you wish to send your output)

Each process in that jobs should take 45-75 minutes to complete. Once all processes have completed, go to the output directory and sum the files using hadd_cafana.

hadd_cafana boxopening_bkgd.root boxopening_bkgd_*_of_100.root

And now, you can actually make the plots. Do

cd $CCPi02017/BoxOpening_Bkgd
cafe plot_boxopening_bkgd.C (directory that you stored the output)/boxopening_bkgd.root

This will make the plots shown by the analysis, and store a copy of each file as a .png in