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Liudmila Kolupaeva, 08/18/2020 03:10 AM

Reproducing the 2020 joint analysis



Setup the release and check out CAFAna

setup_nova -b maxopt -r R20-04-24-2020ana.a
newrel -t  R20-04-24-2020ana.a rel_2020ana
cd rel_2020ana/
srt_setup -a
addpkg_svn -b CAFAna R20-04-24-2020ana-br

More about releases and release branches.


The concat files are posted here:

Performing joint fit numu+nue

Histograms for fit: nue fhc + nue rhc + 4 numu fhc + 4 numu rhc
Loading rules are codded in CAFAna/3flavor/Ana2020/joint_fit_2020_loader_tools.h
Input location: /cvmfs/ and /nova/ana/3flavor/Ana2020/Predictions/ (duplicate folder)
The general procedure is described in the fit and sensitivity TN

Scripts to run in order to get the fits:
  • CAFAna/3flavor/Ana2020/FitandFC/run_joint_fit_2020_bestfit.C
  • CAFAna/3flavor/Ana2020/FitandFC/run_joint_fit_2020_contours.C
  • CAFAna/3flavor/Ana2020/FitandFC/run_joint_fit_2020_slices.C
Scripts to run in order to get the analysis plots:
  • CAFAna/3flavor/Ana2020/FitandFC/plot_joint_fit_2020_contours.C
  • CAFAna/3flavor/Ana2020/FitandFC/plot_joint_fit_2020_slices.C