Reproducing numu Second Analysis results

(Under Construction)

Release: old SA scripts may not work in development. Recommended is to use the frozen release R16-07-15-secondana.a

The working directory is CAFAna/numu/SA/ (add CAFAna to your private release if you haven't yet).

Main results are made in the same fashion as FA:

First, make a prediction: cafe -qb make_sa_pred.C

This creates a root file named pred_sa.root - the version used for SA official results is saved as a binary.

Then one can pass that file as an argument to the main plotting script, ie:

cafe -qb plot_sa_results.C pred_sa.root > saresults.log

Many of these plots require further aesthetic tweaks to put them into blessed plot format, but the information is the same.

Other important details for results:

plot_sa_results will give spectrum and most contours. Note: the background component in the spectrum plots is wrong (correct in fit), and is only cosmics, not including beam backgrounds. Also note that these results do not include FC corrections.