Reproducing numu First Analysis results

First we need to set up with the FA branch release:

setupnova -r R15-11-03-ana.a -b maxopt

We'll need a working directory with CAFAna set up also from this release, ie:

newrel -t R15-11-03-ana.a myrelease
cd myrelease
srt_setup -a
addpkg_svn -b CAFAna R15-11-03-ana-br

Then we need to navigate to the numu FA working directory at /CAFAna/numu/FirstAnalysis/.

There is a README in this directory with many of the same instructions.

The basic results are produced by first making a prediction:

cafe -qb make_fa_pred.C

this creates an output root file named pred_fa.root with the prediction, which we pass as an argument when we make the main results:

cafe -qb plot_fa_results.C pred_fa.root > faresults.log

The output should give many important numbers such as the fit results, and the plots such as the spectra and contours should appear in the /plots/ directory (create it before running if it doesn't already exist).

Some tweaks were done to get the plots into blessed plot format, but the main information wasn't changed.

Other results:

the cut efficiencies (dumb osc, no extrap) is created with numu_eff_FA_full.C

the FC points were created with the make_fc_points.C script (and made into files that exist at: and are read in automatically in the plot_fa_results script.

ND data/MC plots were made with fa_nd_data_mc_systs.C.