Relevant x-sec literature

GENIE 2 manual:
Draft of GENIE 3 manual:

NuSTEC white paper:

MINERvA papers:

some T2K:

First measurement of the νμ charged-current cross section without pions in the final state on a water target:
Measurement of coherent π+ production in low energy neutrino-Carbon scattering:
Measurement of double-differential muon neutrino charged-current interactions on C8H8 without pions in the final state using the T2K off-axis beam
Measurement of the muon neutrino inclusive charged-current cross section in the energy range of 1-3 GeV with the T2K INGRID detector:
Measurement of the Electron Neutrino Charged-current Interaction Rate on Water with the T2K ND280 pi-zero Detector:
Measurement of the νμ charged current quasi-elastic cross-section on carbon with the T2K on-axis neutrino beam:
Measurement of the νμ CCQE cross section on carbon with the ND280 detector at T2K:
Measurement of the inclusive νμ charged current cross section on iron and hydrocarbon in the T2K on-axis neutrino beam:
Measurement of the neutrino-oxygen neutral-current interaction cross section by observing nuclear deexcitation γ rays:

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