pkgs/g4nova (NOvA offline)

g4nova is a Geant4 simulation of the particle propagation through a NOvA detector.

  • Input: MC file produced by EventGenerator
  • Output: MC file with two added classes: ParticleList and FLSHitList.


The configurations for the Geant4 simulation are found in source:pkgs/g4nova/g4gen.fcl.

Technical description


ParticleList includes a vector of (almost) all particles produced in the Geant4 simulation.
We store all particles produced in the Geant4, except when formed in the following processes:
  • conv
  • LowEnConversion
  • Pair
  • compt
  • Compt
  • Brem
  • phot
  • Photo
  • Ion
  • annihil

Each particle is described by the source:pkgs/Simulation/Particle.h class, which contains all needed information about the particle, such as start and end vertices, momentum, TrackID, CreatorProcess, etc.


FLSHitList is a vector of FLS hits. The FLS hit provides information about how much energy each Geant4 particle deposited in a particular cell as it went through it. This is used later by the detector simulation to produce RawDigits.