pkgs/VertexFinder (NOvA offline)

Analysis of track reconsruction efficiencies.

  • Input: 3D rb::Tracks
  • Output: a root file containing several ntuples and histograms


nova -c trackevajob.fcl -s <sourcefile>.root

Technical description

This package is an evaluation tool to the algorithm of the track reconstruction module and can only run through MC files for obvious reasons
(you may run it over data but the result will not make any physics sense).
To specify the track module you are going to evaluate, modify the parameter "Track_RC" in TrackEva.fcl and all the producer module names in the job.fcl file.
The default version is testing reconstruction of muon and proton tracks generated by ccqe events, to do other reconstruction evaluation, comment out the restriction
lines in .cxx file.
By running the job.fcl file, you will have a root file containing several ntuples and histograms. Efficiency is calculated from the data in the root file.
The idea is leaving as many degrees of freedom to the users to get the information he wants.