Old data
h1. Data

Finding Data files at FNAL

The ART allows to provide a list of files to process in a text file. There is a script which creates such list
You can copy this script to you directory and ready instructions inside the script how to get required files list.

Raw data
All data collected so far is avaiable in


and data files are located in directories with the date of their last modification, i.e. the end of the subrun.

All files are read-only and owned by novaraw.

Raw data in root (offline) format

For the ART framework the raw data files are converted to the offline format
nova -c daq2rawdigitjob.fcl -s /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/RAWFILES/ndos_rxxxxxxxx_sxx_txx.raw -o /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/RELEASE/ndos_rxxxxxxxx_sxx_txx.raw-RELEASE.root

The root files are located in


Where for the time being files are converted to the root format for following versions of novasoft

  • S11.07.27
  • NOTE: new directory tree
    > > * All files are in
    > > /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/S11.07.27

    > > Files for given run and trigger are in the same directory.
    > > For example cosmic trigger files for run 00012345 are in
    > > /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/S11.07.27/000123/12345/cosmic

  • S11.06.14
    > * /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/S11.06.14
    > * /nova/data/novareco/NDOS/S11.06.14
    > > * /reco – CalHit, Slicer and ComsmisTracker. Also NuMIBeamSpill module on t00 files and BNBInfo on t01 files.
    > > * /recohist – DataCheck and CosmicTrackerAna modules.
    > > * cana – files obtained using the Cana module and Cana Filter
  • S11.04.30
    > * /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/S11.04.30
    > * /nova/data/novareco/NDOS/S11.04.30
    > > * /reco – CalHit and Slicer
    > > > * with -nopot in the name means that is wasn't possible to run the NuMIBeamSpill module on t00 files or BNBInfo on t01 files.
    > > * cana – files obtained using the Cana module and Cana Filter
    > > * datacheck – files obtained with DataCheck module.
    > > * cosmictracker – files CosmicTrack module.
  • S11.04.09 and link production-art-v0.1.1: converted with S11.04.09 and art V0_6_1
    > * /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/S11.04.09 - DAQ2RawDigit
    > * /nova/data/novareco/NDOS/S11.04.09
    > > * /reco – CalHit and Slicer
    > > > * /NuMI – t00 reco files with NuMIBeamSpill
    > > * cana – files obtained using the Cana module and Cana Filter
    > > * datacheck – files obtained with DataCheck module.
    > > * cosmictracker – files CosmicTrack module. Only t02.
  • S11.03.14 and link production-art-v0.5.2: converted with S11.03.14 and art V0_5_2
  • S11.03.03 and link production-art-v0.4.3: converted with S11.03.03 and art V0_4_3
  • development and link development-art-v0.6.0 - built against art v0.6.0
  • development-art-v0.5.2 - converted with art v0.5.2 (stopped on 2011-03-29). Check the production-art-v0.5.2 for all files
  • development-art-v0.4.3 - converted with art v0.4.3 (stopped on 2011-03-04). Check the production-art-v0.4.3 for all files

For more details of which packages the releases are built against refer to the History of Tagged Releases wiki page.

There are also files generated with older version of the novasoft.
  • S10.12.02 and link production-fmwk: Files converted with one of the latest version of novasoft in the FWMK.

For more up to date information see /nova/data/novaroot/NDOS/README

Reconstructed data.

Files can are located in


*reco - files reprocessed with CalHit, Slicer and CosmicTracker
nova -c recojob.fcl -s ndos_rxxxxxxxx_s*_txx.raw-RELEASE.root -o reco_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-RELEASE.root

*cana - file obtained with the Cana module in the Commissioning package
nova -c canajob.fcl -s reco_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-RELEASE.root -T cana_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-histos-RELEASE.root -o cana_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-RELEASE.root

*datacheck - file obtained with the DataCheck module in the Commissioning package
nova -c datacheckjob.fcl -s reco_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-RELEASE.root -T datacheck_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-histos-RELEASE.root -o datacheck_rxxxxxxxx_txx-mask-RELEASE.root

To see more about given run check the logbook ( If you don't have an account yet click cancel to get read only access.

Raw data files name convention


  • det is a detector name (ndos,nd or fd)
  • rxxxxxxxx is a unique run number (8 digits)
  • sxx is a subrun numer (2 digits)
  • stream is eighter mask for a trigger (calibration, numi, cosmic,etc...) or trigger number in a txx format (t followed by to digits).

The stream names correspond to:

  • There is no stream name for files with a global trigger only -- everything from that run is written into this file.
  • t00 is the NuMI trigger.
  • t01 is the Booster trigger.
  • t02 is the cosmic trigger.

Additional data files
In addition one can find
*DAQLOGS - logs files generated by the DAQ
*PedestalData - raw and root DSO files.