Nus Overview

Overview page for the Steriles group.

Setting up the NC branch

Many of the sterile analyses use the nux-dev-br branch for development, which currently builds against S20-06-23.

An older branch also exists for developing in the Prod4 environment. This branch is R19-03-06-nus-develop-br, and builds against the S19-08-28 snapshot.

Each new snapshot is regularly merged into the nus develop branch. In order to update your base release to the newest snapshot, you should edit the .base_release file in the top directory of your test release to contain the name of the current base snapshot. You should also make sure you're setting up the corresponding base release with setup_nova -b maxopt -r Sxx-xx-xx.


Numu+NC disappearance 2020 CAF analysis

NC Disappearance

SBL Tau Appearance