Nus 2018


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Optimistic plan: RHC and FHC neutrinos w/ ND oscillations considered

By mid-Jan 2018:
- Nominal files from production
- Finalize xsec central value tune

By Feb 1
- All files from production except FD data

By Feb 15
- FHC/RHC Cosmic BDT retune finalized
- RHC cutflow optimisation
- Finalize analysis choices: ND oscillations, covariance matrix to replace existing extrap. method.
To be fully integrated into CAFAna

By March 15
- FHC/RHC Systematics, fitting, sensitivities

March 23 – Internal Technote deadline (ideally includes technote [publish?] for sterile 3+1 formula)
April 10 – Analysis released to collab
April 24 – Comment deadline
May 1 – Box opening request
May 7 – Results at collab meeting
June 4 – Neutrino 2018

Slack channels #steriles (group-wide discussion), #nus-rhc (for RHC-related work) and #nus_nd_osc_systs (for work related to including ND oscillation assumptions).
The #nus_nd_osc_systs effort is using branch R18-01-22-ndosc for development work.