Novasoft externals

Novasoft depends on multiple external producets. Every package in /cvmfs/ should have an entry here with a description of what it's for.

External Purpose
NovaGridUtils NOvA grid submission utilities like defman, submit_nova_art
NumiBeamDB Package for interfacing with old beam database. Replaced by ifbeam
art Art framework
art_suite How does this differ from art?
artdaq Trimmed down version of art used by nova online
artdaq_core Trimmed version of artdaq - used in release from S14-09-09
boost CPP boost libraries
calibcsvs Comma Separated Variable contents of the calibration DB tables
cetbuildtools Scripts and templates for making UPS products
cetlib Various utilities
cetpkgsupport Something or other to do with UPS
clhep Random number generators, among other things
cmake Build tool
condb "Conditions Database"
cpp0x Compatibility libraries for compilers without full C++0x support
cppcheck A static CPP code checking tool
cppunit Unit testing framework. Who uses this?
cry Cosmics generator
cstxsd "Something something XML Schema Definition". Used by the Database package.
dk2nu (coming soon) common format for beam simulation output [flux]
eid Libraries for EID, the likelihood based nue PID (Obsolete. Replaced by LID)
fftw "Fastest Fourier Transform in the West". What actually uses this?
fhiclcpp Configuration language used for art's .fcl files
fife_utils User SAM, among other things
g4abla Data files for nuclear shell effects in INCL/ABLA hadronic model (Geant4)
g4emlow Data files for low energy electromagnetic processes (Geant4)
g4neutron Data files for neutron thermal cross sections (Geant4)
g4neutronxs Data files for evaluated neutron cross sections on natural composition of elements (Geant4)
g4nucleonxs Data files for nucleon cross sections (Geant4)
g4photon Data files for photon evaporation (Geant4)
g4pii Data files for shell ionization cross sections (Geant4)
g4radiative Data files for radioactive decay hadronic processes (Geant4)
g4surface Data files for measured optical surface reflection (Geant4)
gcc Compiler
gccxml Used for product dictionaries
gdb Debugger
geant4 Propagate particles in the simulation
genie Neutrino interaction generator
genie_phyopt Alternative user physics options for GENIE
genie_xsec Cross section splines for GENIE
gsl "GNU scientific library" matrices and so on
heppdt C++ data structure for handling particle information and PDG <-> MC code conversion (used by nobody?)
hmatrix Data files for the HMatrix nue PID
ifbeam Talk to the beam information database
ifdh_art ART wrapper around ifdhc
ifdhc "Intensity Frontier Data Handling Client Tools". Grid stuff.
jobsub_client Grid job submission scripts from CD
jobsub_tools Grid job submission scripts from CD (Obsolete. Replaced by jobsub_client)
lemlittle Data for the LEM PID, excepting the actual event libraries
lhapdf Les Houche Accord Parton Density Function library
libsigcpp Callback framework for C++ (used by ART)
libwda Talk to validity databases over a web interface
libxml2 XML C parser and toolkit (used by GENIE via ROOT)
lid Libraries for EID, the likelihood based nue PID
log4cpp Logging framework used by GENIE
messagefacility Logging framework used by ART
mpich Message Passing Interface. Who uses this?
mysql_client Interface to MySQL database
nova_compat_libs Collection of libraries missing from offsite nodes that we packaged together. (Obsolete. Replaced by library_shim)
novacon Something or other to do with databases...
novadaq NOvA online software
novadaqdeps Judging by the name, dependencies for the DAQ
novaddt NOvA DDT software
nucondb Conditions database support
nutools Common tools for neutrino experiments like EventDisplayBase, GENIEReweight etc.
pandora Is this this ?
pdfsets Data files of Parton Density Functions for LHAPDF
postgresql Database
pqxx C++ postgres client
psycopg2 Python postgres client
pycurl Python interface to curl
pythia Used by GENIE for hadronization
python Python scripting language
qepid Libraries for the numu quasielastic PID
remid Libraries for the numu PID
root Data analysis tool for HEP
rvp Libraries for RVP, the nue PID
sam_web_client Communicate with SAM on the command line
smc_compiler "State Machine Compiler". Who uses this?
sqlite Lightweight database, used for art metadata
ssibuildshims Build tools
tbb "Threading Building Blocks". For the DDT?
totalview Graphical debugger
ucana Data files for the uncontained energy estimator
upd Unix Product Distribution. Used for distributing UPS products
ups Unix Product Support, fermilab's software support toolkit. Most(all?) of our externals are ups products
valgrind Tool to detect memory problems
xerces_c XML parser for C++
xmlrpc_c "Extensible Markup Language Remote Procedure Call". Who uses this?
xrootd Access files directly off pnfs in root