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Stefano Tognini, 10/23/2018 06:11 PM

NOvA plot style

NOvA plots for public consumption (and preferably internal plots too) should conform to the NOvA plot style. The rootlogon macro described here provides you a good baseline to work from to adhere to the NOvA plot style.

This rootlogon can be found in the Utilities package: Utilities/rootlogon.C

When configured correctly, this runs at ROOT startup and configures various drawing options. To get this to happen, you need to edit (or create if you don't have one) the file .rootrc in your home directory.

Put your personal copy of rootlogon.C somewhere, and then point ROOT at it with a line like this in .rootrc:

Rint.Logon: /full/path/to/rootlogon.C

Or, if you want to automatically pick up updates to this file in future, you can use this line:

Rint.Logon: $SRT_PUBLIC_CONTEXT/Utilities/rootlogon.C

However, if you want to make any local changes to some aspect, you'll need your own copy as described above.

A Python 3 version of the rootlogon file is also available and can be found in the same aforementioned package: Utilities/


  • This macro disables the ROOT stats box. It may be difficult to get one to appear on the occasions when you actually do need one. You may need to comment out the novaStyle->SetOptStat(0) line in this case
  • The nova executable doesn't respect rootlogon files, so plots in output histogram files have the wrong style. You can uncomment the gROOT->ForceStyle() line to attempt to restyle these plots when loaded. This may not always be what you want (e.g. opening someone else's plot with custom styling), so use with care.
  • This rootlogon contains a function CenterTitles(TH1*) to center the axis titles of your histogram. Call it in your macro before you draw the histogram for which the axis titles need to be centered.
  • The rootlogon contains a Preliminary() function that draws the "NOvA Preliminary" text in the example plot. Simply call it after you're done drawing your plot and before you save it.
  • The rootlogon also contains a Simulation() function that draws a "NOvA Simulation" text in the example plot, as required for plots that show results from simulations, but no actual data. As for the Preliminary(), you use it by calling it after you're done drawing your plot and before you save it.

Example plot

Example of plot style (png version)