Merge from the Trunk

This procedure begins the same way as the nominal directions:

setup_nova -r R16-10-01-sim.a        # NB patch level, no "br" 
newrel -t R16-10-01-sim.a mytestrel  # NB patch level, no "br" 
cd mytest
addpkg_svn -b Calibration R16-10-01-sim-br  # NB "br", no patch level
cd Calibration

However, instead of now making your changes, you will instead bring your already made changes to this release from the trunk using an svn "cherry pick" merge and then commit them to the branch. You will need to know the revision number corresponding to the changes you committed to the trunk.

svn merge -c r12345 ^/trunk/Calibration
svn commit -m "Merging r12345 from the trunk into this branch." 

If you merge and there are numerous conflicts, this is usually a sign that there is another, older commit that also was made only to the trunk and not the release branch that needs to be merged across. You can undo your merge by getting the list of changed files from svn status and using svn revert <modified file> <modified file>.... Once you have done that, you should be able to find the missing commit by comparing the commit histories of the branch and the trunk, either with svn log or the repository browser on Redmine.

If there are multiple commits you need to merge over, the procedure above can be repeated for each commit, moving in chronological order from oldest to newest. Please commit after each merge so that the trunk and branch have corresponding commit histories as far as possible.