Ideas for the next nue analysis

  • RHC BEN and Michel decomposition
  • Wrong-sign separation in the analysis
  • Optimize selection and binning with decomp, extrap, and systematics
  • Hadronic fraction extrapolation
  • MRE to constrain systematics
  • Bayesian statistical analysis
  • Re-optimize cosmic rejection in each analysis bin
  • High-background "sideband bin"
  • Factorize decomp by focused/unfocused?
  • Train Estimator based on hadEFrac
  • focused/unfocused vs. parent/ancestor/decay type.
  • BEN kaon scaling factor or kaon ancestor reweight? ---> for RHC, nothing works anyway :)
  • Extrap CV shift vs. syst shifts ---> on going, systematics correlation study
  • Peripheral signal extend ---> think carefully about peripheral extrapolation, try a quick validation?