Help with Grid Computing

Grid computing can be a frightening, yet rewarding place to submit your work to. The resources that are available across FermiGrid and other batch submission grid sites are extremely powerful and should be used by anyone who is running analysis jobs.

When you run into problems setting up and submitting your jobs will will want to contact experts in grid configuration, submission and the JIRA reporting system that the Running Experiments group (REX) uses will help to direct your questions to the appropriate expert.

To submit a help request about NOvA computing on the grid simply send email to the following address:

Just include a descriptive subject line, and a description of your request or problem.

Common Grid Problems

There are many grid tasks that a new user is expected to request help with. Below are the ways to address a few of the most common that you will run into:

Robot Certificates

Job Submission Scripts

Disk Quotas on Central Disk (Bluearc)