Get Started with Slack

What is Slack?

From Wikipedia:
Slack is a cloud-based set of team collaboration tools and services... In simpler terms, it is a chatting program.

Request an Account

NOvA's resident Slack administrators are: Gavin Davies <gavin.s.davies AT> and Alex Himmel <ahimmel AT>.

Email one of them and they'll set you up with an account. Slack access now happens as part of the general computing account setup process. If you go through that process and still can't get onto Slack, then email one of the admins.

Early-career members: Once you have an account, email or message Anne Norrick <norrick AT> and ask to be added to the #young_nova channel to be a part of the Young NOvA group

For more information on etiquette, usage, and channels, see the How to Slack page.
For the internal web links, ask your group PI for the username/password combination.