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Robert Mina, 02/09/2016 01:41 PM

Generating a GENIE flux file using WimpSim

This article describes how to create a GSimpleNtpFlux file using the WimpSim (ref) package.

Setting up WimpSim

WimpSim is now available as a ups product in $EXTERNALS (/grid/fermiapp/products/nova/externals) and on scisoft. It is not setup when running the default setup_nova script. To setup the current version of WimpSim, log into a VM and source the normal setup_nova script. Then do:
setup wimpsim v3_05_00

This will setup the necessary environment variables.

Using runWimpSim

runWimpSim is a program written for NOvA that handles the interface with WimpSim so that you don't have to! It is part of the EventGenerator package, but is not built by default because of the dependency on WimpSim. The easiest way to generate a flux file for use with GENIE is to simply build and run the runWimpSim binary. To do so, you must create your own test release and check out the EventGenerator package:
newrel -t development <release_name>
cd <release_name>
addpkg_svn -h EventGenerator

If you have previously setup WimpSim, then doing a make will cause runWimpSim to be built. You may wish to first alter the configuration (eg. to change the WIMP mass or annihilation channel). If so, edit the EventGenerator/WimpSim/runWimpSim.h file before doing make.

After you make, if everything worked correctly, there should be a runWimpSim binary file in the bin/ directory of your release.

To run the program, simply do
bin/Linux<version id>-GCC-{debug|maxopt}/runWimpSim <desired output filename>

runWimpSim is not yet configured to allow batch-mode running or command-line input.