Generating Using an Alternative GENIE Version

At this time NOvA uses a non-tagged version of GENIE. This version includes some physics that has not been "validated" by the GENIE authors. We do this because there are features in the infrastructure (geometry and flux handling) that are necessary or desired (for instance, in order to do rock event generation efficiently).

Current state of GENIE

GENIE revision 3665 (SVN revision maps to v3665 in UPS) appears to have little-to-no difference in the cross sections from the production release R-2_6_6, but does differ in how final state interactions (FSI) are handled.

Setting up an alternative GENIE


  setup genie        R-2_6_6 -q e2:debug
  setup genie_xsec   R-2_6_6 -q default
  setup genie_phyopt R-2_6_6 -q dkcharmtau

Making a test release

There are class interface changes between R-2_6_6 and v3665, so it isn't sufficient to simply setup the alternative version of GENIE. Code that links to GENIE libraries must be rebuilt. Additionally, because of the pre-linking that is done in the ART build framework one must also rebuild any libraries that link to libraries that have been rebuilt. Even if you are not using a library in your job path the linkages due to services and modules can cause odd behaviour if not remade.

Direct linkages

These are packages that have a GNUmakefile that contains a reference to

  • EventGeneratorBase
  • EventGenerator
  • NuReweight

Linkages due to referencing lower level libraries

  • NovaSimMixer
  • others?