General Computing

Support for general computing related to the NOvA experiment and other experiments in the Intensity Frontier and Neutrino physics programs, is provided by the "Running Experiments Group" (REX) from Fermilab's computing division.

The direct representatives from REX to the NOvA experiment are:

  • Andrew Norman
  • Arthur Kreymer
  • Robert Hatcher

If you don't yet know Andrew, Arthur or Robert please get to know them and learn about the wide range of computing expertise they bring to the NOvA experiment.

Support from REX

The REX group supports a wide range of computing related to the operations of experiments and the analysis of data. The REX group is your contact point for working with some of the more specialized groups at the lab who handle Grid infrastructure, Network, and development of tools for common computing tasks across many of the Intensity frontier experiments.

The best way of obtaining help is by submitting a request through an email to:

Sending email to that address will open a special (trackable) issue in the Service NOW reporting system which will be assigned to the appropriate person or set of people. The system sends confirmation email only if you used you email address.

To check status of your tickets login into and click on MyStuff.

Available Help Categories

For general help send mail to:

For issues specifically regarding the control send mail to:

Help for other experiments

If you need help related to a different experiment, you can send mail to the following:

Minos Help:
Minerva Help: