First CAF files

Produced using the Monte Carlo files stored here:

/nova/data/mc/S12.06.17_in_progress/genie/fd (FAR DET)
/nova/data/mc/S12.06.17_in_progress/genie/fd (NEAR DET)

CAF file locations

All files were then processed through the CAFMaker. The final CAF files reside here:


Reconstruction I (S12.06.17)

The files were then reconstructed through the following chain of modules:
slicer, cosmicslicer
exposure, cosmictrack
kalmantrack, kalmantrackmerge
elasticarmshs, fuzzykvertex

Reconstruction II + PID (S12-10-07)

We needed art::Assns producing for various reconstruction modules since this was a new concept not available during S12.06.17.

Further processing moved to tag S12-10-07. Anything listed below uses version S12-10-07 unless stated.

A second round of reconstruction was processed as well as PID objects and energy estimators added to the mix.

In tag S12-10-07 the following modules were processed:
trkassn - add Assns for elasticarmshs, fuzzykvertex and kalmantrackmerge
preselEarly - nue_loosepresel with no energy/track cut
makeclusterss, clustermerge, trackmerge
discretetrack, discretetrackmerge (tagged S12.06.17 in S12-10-07)
presel - nue_loosepresel with track cut on discretetrackmerge tracks
recojmshower, eid

The output files are stored in these directories accordingly:

/nova/ana/caf/base/fd/   (reco/, merged/ or pid/)
/nova/ana/caf/base/nd/   (reco/, merged/ or pid/)

They are prepended with reco_ (all modules EXCEPT LEM), merged_ (merged lem files prior to adding PID object) and pid_ (final reco+pid file).
The pid_ files are the last file in the chain prior to CAF processing.