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h1. Fermilab Computing Access

h2. Getting Fermilab Computing Access

In order to work on novasoft development you will need to have access to the FNAL computing resources. The procedure for getting a FNAL account is described at

"Introduction to Computing at Fermilab":

If you will be in residence at the lab, follow the instructions for an *on-site* visitor. If you will be based at your home institution, follow the instructions for an *off-site* visitor. FNAL will provide you with a kerberos principal.

You will need to do a few more steps to be fully able to work at FNAL:

# Get a "Services Account":
# You then need to request a "FNALU account"
Log in to your "ServiceNow": account
Navigate to "Order New/Renew Accounts" and then select "Request FNALU account"
# Submit a service desk ticket, selecting REX Nova as the group for support to request access to the novagpvm machines
Be sure to explicitly include your FNAL principal name as well as your real name.
# Login into the NOvA Redmine project to be made a developer "here":

h2. The CVS Repository

The NOvASoft code base is kept in an cvs repository. You can get access to the repository by following these steps

# Get a Fermilab "Services Account":
# Log into Redmine using the "Log in" link at the upper right corner of the wiki
# Email Gavin (, Brian (, or Jon ( to request access to the repository

h2. Subscribing to the NOvA-Offline mailing list

You really do need to do this; these emails are really important!! Instructions for signing yourself up for the offline mailing list are "here": You need to sign up for three different email lists:
* nova_offline
* nova_collaboration
* young_nova