NOTE TO THE PEOPLE FILLING OUT THESE PAGES: Lots of documentation already exists in other wikis sprinkled around in different spots. When filling out one of these pages, it is your responsibility to seek out the other documentation and either include it, clean it up and link to it, or remove it if it is out of date. We are trying very hard to prevent the existence of multiple conflicting wikis.

Example Page


Begin with a 3-4 sentence description of what this subject is about and what the user can expect to get out of this page.


In this section you will explain the details that you feel relevant about the underlying structure of this subject. These details need not be extensive, they can simply be the minimal amount of information needed for users to understand the basics of what they are doing in the "Execution" section. You can also explain anything here that they need to understand about the architecture of the code in order to do basic manipulations.


Explain here how to execute this stuff. Include descriptions of common pitfalls here if applicable.


If relevant, include some specific examples of how to run this stuff in different modes.

Resources and Extended Information

Include links to documents in docDB and/or links to other wikis.