Datascanner template

The script is taken from other in the NOvA collaboration and the name conventions are not that strict.
The main reason for the template is to have the same language when we try to compare cuts between data-MC-signalMC files.
I upload now the script with Spectra definitions for both MC_truths and data.
For each analysis (data or truths) one can delete the definitions that are not needed for their targeted files.

I have tested the script on 01/21/16 with random data and MC files from:

Data :




they are renamed in the test folder: /nova/app/users/athansh/firstAna/cafAnaTest1/test4

 //-- test input data file--- "test_data.caf.root"; 
//-- test input MC file---"test_sim.caf.root"; 
//-- test input signal file--- "nuh600_3.caf.root"; 

the next steps.

The 1st thing that is needed for this script is to add the mechanism (piece of code) that can read the full data or MC files.