Current to-dos

1: Blessed plots

2: Further investigation of DIS tweak. Was it RES RPA that dropped it from 40% to 10% for CC events? Does the problem really not exist for anti-neutrinos? What is the right thing to do at high energy? Taper the uncertainty instead of a sharp discontinuity at W = 3 GeV?

3: Get events from non-GENIE generators and see what we can learn from them (NEUT, GIBUU, NuWro?)

4: Does our tune work for Minerva data? T2K data?

5: Study correct correlations for MEC systematics nu vs anti-nu

6: nu/anti-nu cross-section ratio? If it's currently covered, does it stay covered if we reduce other uncertainties like MEC? High energy behavior? Does flat 10% increase in DIS for neutrinos only cause a problem?

7: Other things that we haven't considered but which may affect MEC fit/model prediction:
  • Pion absorption in "isobar excitation" (resonances)
  • Nucleon initial momentum distribution (spectral functions...?)