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h1. Convergence and modernization punch list

What items inherited from the previously distinct nue and numu analyses could be replaced, improved, and/or synchronized better between the analyses?

h2. Kalman and RemID in numu

*Use case:* muon track identification; containment cuts
*Issue(s):* no Kalman/remid expert --> unsupported
*Potential solution(s):* replace with prongs, BreakPointFitter, CVN-prong (as muon selector)
*Possible knock-on effects from changes:* nue signal extrapolation, nue BEN decomposition (uncontained numu sample)
*Modules that depend directly on input from Kalman/RemID:*
*2020 urgency (range 1-5):*
*prod5 urgency (range 1-5):*

h2. ShowerLID in nue

*Use case:* nue pT/p cut
*Issue(s):* ShowerLID PID templates are not maintained
*Potential solution(s):* replace "shower" pT/p (@nuecosrej.ParticleShowerTransMom()@ --> @srnuecosrej.partptp@) with "prong" pT/p (@nuecosrej.ParticleShowerTransMom()@ --> @srnuecosrej.partptp@) for prong CVN-selected prongs?
*Roadblocks:* Needs study to ensure similar performance. Calculated in @cosrej::MakeNueCosRej@ (ART level) -- would need updates to be usable w/ prong CVN.
*Possible knock-on effects from changes:* none?
*2020 urgency (range 1-5):*
*prod5 urgency (range 1-5):*