Complete list of NOvASoft packages

This is the complete list of packages. Each has a short description, and each has a link to the package's full documentation.

See here for a list of RetiredPackages.
  • Developers: when you add a package to the NOvA build, document it here! Follow the examples, or start with the wiki source from this template documentation page.
Some definition-type things:
  1. A package is a collection of related code under a single directory in the NOvA offline release.
  2. A module is the named item that makes up an element of your job. That is, a job is a sequence of modules.
  3. A package usually provides exactly one module that performs a specific task, but some packages provide no modules (e.g., Utilities) and some provide multiple modules (e.g., EventDisplay).
  4. So, a package is a code organizational unit, and a module is a runtime (job sequence) unit.
Categories. The categories below give a general sense of what sort of services each package provides.
  • Simulation: modules for the simulation chain
  • Calibration: modules for the early stages of data or MC processing
  • Reconstruction: modules for event reconstruction
  • Analysis: modules for general analysis at any level
  • Utility: no runtime modules; provides one or more classes or methods that are used by other packages


Package Category Short description
Alignment Calibrations Calculates and produces calibration constants to align detector cell positions.
BNBInfo Utility Provides access to BNB (Booster Neutrino Beam) spill information.
CAFMaker Reconstruction Produces Common Analysis Files.
CalHit Calibration Applies basic hit-level calibrations, turning RawDigits into CellHits (and rough RecoHits, if needed).
Calibrator Utility Provides singleton Calibrator class that handles calibration grunt work.
CellToCell Analysis Analysis of cell-to-cell information.
ChannelInfo Utility Produces list of, and interface to, lists of good and bad channels. Produces channel masks.
ClusterMakerSS Reconstruction Holds a number of tools to perform clustering, cluster and track merging.
CMap Utility Provides channel-map tools.
Commissioning Utility Analysis related to detector check-out using RawDigits.
CosmicCalib Calibration Calibration of absolute energy scale from cosmic tracks.
CosmicExposureInfo Utility Calculates exposure to cosmics by summing up livetimes from individual cosmic triggers.
DataQuality Utility Data Quality-related tools. Saves select variables from DAQ headers.
DatabaseUtils Utility Utilities for interacting with the NOvA online and offline databases.
DetectorPerformance Calibration Analysis of raw digits looking at, in particular, DCM time sync issues.
DiscreteTracker Reconstruction A track reconstruction package.
DAQ2RawDigit Utility Interface to unpack raw DAQ data to RawDigit ROOT files.
ElasticArms Reconstruction Algorithm that provides seeds for vertex reconstruction.
EventDisplay Analysis The event display.
EventGenerator Simulation The primary interface to all event generation routines (GENIE, CRY, single particle).
FLUGGValidation Analysis Validation of FLUGG.
Filter Analysis Allows filtering of events using a simple string expression.
FuzzyKVertex Reconstruction Produces vertices with associated prongs.
g4nova Simulation NOvA detector simulation (particle transport). Starts after GENIE et al.; ends with energy depositions in the cells.
Geometry Utility Defines Geometry service that knows all about the NOvA geometries.
HMatrixE Reconstruction Purpose is to help in EM shower PID and calculation of electron ID/pion rejection efficiencies.
HoughTransform Reconstruction First steps towards reconstructing global track vertices via Hough Transform algorithms.
LEM Analysis Electron neutrino PID based on comparison to a large library of MC events.
MCCheater Analysis Allows one to cheat cell hits to mc particles; calculates efficiency and purity of reconstructed objects.
MCCheckOut Analysis A tool to check the MC generation. Fills histograms of interest.
MCGenerator Utility Holds scripts for different Monte Carlo generation configurations
MichelEFilter Analysis Finds Michel electron at the end of a stopped muon track.
MuonRemove Analysis This package creates MRCC and MRE files.
NovaBeamMat Calibration Produces beam matrix files from beam simulation flux files.
NovaDatabase Utility The NOvA Database API used by both the offline and online.
NuMISpillInfo Utility Reads MINOS Database and stores NuMI beam spill info.
NueAna Analysis Ultimately the home of the nue oscillation analysis.
OflPlots Analysis Produces OflPlots
OnlineMonitoring DAQ Monitoring This is the software used to monitor raw data quality coming from the detectors.
PeAna Analysis A package to check the basic energy calibration and timing from slicer currently.
PhotonTransport Simulation Simulates the production, transport, and detection of photons.
RawData Utility Classes relating to raw data storage.
ReadoutSim Simulation Simulates the detector electronics and DAQ. The output of this (a RawDigit list) begins the "equivalence" of MC and data.
RecoBase Utility Classes for reconstruction objects (CellHits, Tracks, Clusters, ...).
RecoJMShower Analysis Particle ID package.
RecoPrimo Reconstruction A hough transform-based reconstruction of Tracks
SRT_NOVA Utility Core novasoft build scripts, makefiles, etc.
Simulation Utility Classes related to the simulation.
Slicer Reconstruction Takes an event's CellHit list and creates "slices" (Clusters) of independent activity.
SummaryData Utility Stores run, subrun, spill, POT-related data.
TrackEva Analysis Analysis of track reconstruction efficiencies.
TrackFit Reconstruction Holds reconstruction algorithms: CosmicTrack (reconstructs cosmic ray tracks) and KalmanTrack (charged-particle tracks using Kalman filter.
Utilities Utility A variety of useful utilities (bits of oft-needed code or standalone calculation tools).
Validation Analysis Classes to run in order to validate different modules.
VertexFinder Analysis Analyses ability to find an event vertex position given two or more tracks.