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The final one-week comment period on NC Coherent Pion Paper

Deadline: Friday, November 30th at 11:59 PM CST.
  • Please send comments to Ryan Nichol --
  • As usual, please send one set of comments per institution using the template linked to the document below.
  • Please send any comments on the author's list to Ryan Nichol and Maury Goodman --

The latest version of the paper is available in docdb 30753-v8
Comment instructions and template: docdb 30780


Grid Submissions with Test Releases

This should now all be working!

...except for ART1 releases. In those cases, you need to manually create the tarball and place it in dCache before submission.

cd <test release>
tar --exclude-vcs --exclude='*.o' --exclude='*.d' --exclude='tmp/*' --exclude='*debug' --exclude='*.tar.bz2' -cvjf test_release_manual.tar.bz2 .
cp test_release_manual.tar.bz2 /pnfs/nova/scratch/<somewhere> ... --user_tarball /pnfs/nova/scratch/<somewhere>/test_release_manual.tar.bz2