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Lisa Whitehead, 04/19/2021 05:13 PM

Calibration Tag Info

Relative and Absolute Calibration Constants

v15 (latest version: v15.04 )

Prod5.1 calibration constants.

This version should be used by test beam and ND analyses, but NOT FD analyses (contains no FD constants).

ND relative calibrations by Jozef Trokan-Tenorio, ND absolute calibrations by Pierre Lasorak, Test Beam calibrations by Anna Hall. Calibration is under the Detector Systematics working group now, with conveners Erika Catano-Mur, Jeremy Hewes, and Lisa Koerner (who tagged the constants).

  • v15.00: Tagged 9/18/2020. Only includes prod5.1 ND MC constants.
  • v15.01: Tagged 9/18/2020. Copied prod5 ND data constants (which go through period 10a) into this tag.
  • v15.02: Failed. (Timed out during the tagging.) Was not able to remove.
  • v15.03: Tagged 2/11/2021. Added ND constants for all of period 10.
  • v15.04: Tagged 3/16/2021. Updated test beam constants, all new except MC absolute constants which are copied from the last version. Includes constants for ND period 11a data.

v14 (final version: v14.11)

Prod5 calibration constants. Includes test beam data and MC calibrations.

This is still the default calibration version in Calibrator.fcl, since it is the most recent calibration that includes all detectors.

ND/FD relative calibrations by Nitish Nayak and absolute calibrations by Tyler Alion. Calibration conveners Ryan Nichol (who tagged the constants) and Lisa Koerner. to calibration tech note.

Historical Information (prior to v14)


Timing Calibration Constants


Tagged 3/16/2021 (by Lisa). Includes all test beam timing constants (from Anna Hall). Same ND and FD constants as tv4.


Added test beam timing constants. However, the MC file ( was missing. Same ND and FD constants as tv4.