CAFAna resources


The tutorial from 2018 is probably the best recent introduction

There are also some slides available from an earlier tutorial.

Once you've watched this introduction and gone through the tute/demo*.C macros, you can get a bunch more information from CAFAna overview

That's a little bit high-level. You'll find that most classes have good low-level documentation in doxygen

An important way to learn is to look at what macros are already committed in the repository. Remember, we have two full oscillation analyses that use these tools, so most things have been exercised somewhere.

And ask around, it's probable someone has done something similar before, or at least has ideas of where to start.

There have also been a few talks at meetings:


The best source is of course CAFAna systematics

But here are some very similar introductory talks about systematics:


Historical interest only

First introduction as 'NueAna'. Back then it worked on 'DSTs', because CAFs didn't exist yet, but it did stuff: here and here

CAF Basics

Not strictly CAFAna, but often relevant.