Blessed Plots Instructions

You can find the Blessed Plots Webpage here:

All plots that have been officially blessed should be in a docdb formatted so that this page picks them up. Otherwise your collaborators will never be able to find your plots!

How to get your plots blessed

  1. Put together a blessing package.
    This often includes a set of slides with the plots and their captions (to show your group), and each plot uploaded individually. Make sure the plots align to the NOvA plot style .
  2. For each plot, add a text file to the document containing its caption, and give that file the same name as the plot.
    For example, if I had one plot called cool_nue_stuff.png, I would also add a caption file called cool_nue_stuff.txt. Only plots with an associated .txt caption will be picked up by the Blessed Plots webpage.
  3. If you have a lot of plots, it might be easier to upload a .tar.gz or .zip of the whole lot. Don't worry - the blessed plots page can see inside these.
  4. Before the plots are officially blessed, please tag the DocDB document with "BlessedPlots" and any tags relevant to your topic/group.
  5. Once they are blessed by your group or the collaboration, you can add the tag "Blessed Plots:Official" to your DocDB document. This is what triggers the webpage to pick your document up
  6. Be sure to check the Blessed Plots webpage. later in the day to make sure your additions have been picked up.
    If your plot is there, you did things right. If not, contact Justin Vasel. It may take up to 3 hours for your plot to appear on the webpage.