Security is a moving target at Fermilab, so we've introduced a script you can use which should do all the authentication steps required to interact with the computing resources.


Interactively, using the command will setup everything you need, including a kerberos ticket if you need one. It may ask you for your kerberos password.

setup_fnal_security -k

Inside another program (such as cafe or another script) you can run the following command which will setup the certificates and proxies but not ask for a password.

setup_fnal_security -b

If you are having problems, you can force everything to be regenerated with:

setup_fnal_security -f

Full Help

$ setup_fnal_security -h

Setup the tickets, certificates, and proxies required to use FNAL computing

usage: setup_fnal_security [options]
     -h/--help:       Prints this usage message.
     -f/--force:      Force a new proxy to be generated.
     -b/--batch:      Do not ask for user input.
     -k/--kerberos:   Also check kerberos ticket.
     -q/--quiet:      Suppress regular output, errors still shown
                      shown. Can only be used in batch mode.